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Clothing and Equipment


What clothing do I need?

When you are learning to sail through a registered training centre you will have all the required clothing provided so you only need to invest when you have decided that sailing is for you. Here are the basics;

  1. A buoyancy Aid this is a must at Bartley and most other sailing clubs as it is key to your safety. It needs to be a good fit and not restrict your movement. Price £50+
  2. A wetsuit you will get wet sailing most modern dinghies so dinghy sailors tend to sail in a wetsuit. As a general guide, price will reflect quality. For summer a 3mm thick wetsuit will be OK (price £70+), for the winter months 5mm will be required (price £150+).
  3. Hikers if you sail a dinghy where you are hiking out a lot then the pressure on your thighs can be greatly reduced by investing in a pair of hikers. These come in many differing designs and tend to look like a wetsuit with rigid pads sewn into the thigh area. Price £120+
  4. Drysuit Dinghy drysuits are designed to keep you warm and dry in the winter. A fleece all-in-one is worn under the drysuit so you remain dry and warm. Again, price = quality. There are long arguments about whether drysuits are better than wetsuits for winter sailing, at the end of the day it is personal preference, drysuits do restrict movement a little but will keep you warm and dry all day and the next, wetsuits enable freer movement but will get damp so you need to be expending energy to keep warm. Price £200+
  5. Gloves these protect your hands from rope burn as well as warmth in winter. For the warmer months a pair with thumb and finger cut out enable dexterity, for winter full finger with under gloves are best. Price £25 to £50
  6. Boots a pair of robust 3 to 5mm neoprene boots for dinghy sailors. Price £30 to £60
  7. Sunglasses A must for sunny days. Make sure they are polarised as the sun's rays reflect off the water with added intensity. Price £30+
  8. Layers many shops now sell layered systems so you can add and remove layers depending on the conditions and temperature. This can be expensive for initial outlay but gives a lot more flexibility. (e.g. aquafleece, thermal tops, rash vests, polypro etc.). Price various, typically £40 to £100 per layer (summer layers cheaper than winter).

When should I invest?

You will probably need to invest when you have finished your training course. Ask around for tips and advice. There is also a healthy second-hand market so it needn't cost the earth. Minimum requirement is wetsuit, boots, buoyancy aid.

Where do I get sailing clothing from?

There are a number of good shops, mostly on-line now, popular outlets are: Rooster Sailing, TridentUK, Sailboats, Wetsuit Outlet, Purple Marine, Decathlon.

Do I need to buy a boat?

You don't need to buy a boat, plenty of people pay to use the club boats as it fits with their needs. However, if you are serious about your sailing and want to progress and / or race then it makes sense to invest. Take a look at our 'Buying a Boat Fact Sheet' for where to start.


Last updated 14:02 on 16 April 2024

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