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Open Meetings and National Events


What is an Open Meeting?

Open meetings are racing events for a specified class of boat. They are coordinated by the class association for the boat class and organised by different sailing clubs around the country. Typically, they consist of 3 to 4 races over the course of the day. They are 'open' to sailors from other clubs to attend and compete.

Open meetings can contribute to a regional series or a national series depending on the way the class association has organised it.

Why should I attend?

It gives you an opportunity to sail against different sailors at different venues which will grow your experience as well as forming new friendships. The series and events are often sponsored so you have the opportunity to win a spot prize or maybe one of the winners' trophies. There are often prizes for different categories such as age ranges or female helms.

How much do they cost?

Events typically cost £15 to £20 to support the club that has organised the event.

What do I need to know?

You will need a basic understanding of the racing rules of sailing and the flags that are typically used during start and finish sequences as well as postponements and course adjustments. These can be found on line from 'World Sailing'.

What equipment will I need?

Most class associations will require your boat to be 'class legal' i.e. no replica parts or sails.

How many boats will I be racing against?

This varies by class. Popular classes such as Lasers, Supernovas, Merlins and junior classes such as RS Teras and Toppers often field fleets of 30 boats plus. Less popular classes tend to be 10 to 15 competitors.

What are the Nationals?

These are annual events coordinated by the national class association and organised by a national venue. They tend to be on the sea to cater for the quantity of competitors and last between 3 days and a week. Some classes have separate championships for youths (under 21) and masters sailors (over 45).

Why should I attend?

You need to be a good standard to race at national level as the competition will be good. It is a fantastic experience as large fleet racing on the sea takes your sailing to another level. You also have the opportunity to race against club sailors and Olympic champions alike there aren't many other sports where this is possible.

Costs and competitors?

Usually £50 to £150 to enter plus lodgings. Competitor numbers vary from 30 to 400 depending on the class.


Last updated 18:06 on 6 July 2024

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