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Support Boat Handling: RYA Power Boat Level 2 (PB2) and Safety Boat (SB)

Please Note:

RYA Power Boat Level 2 (PB2) and Safety Boat (SB) are available for anyone (including non-members) wishing to undertake more intensive training and obtain PB2 and/or SB power boat certificates, via the Rockley Training links:

Please email 


Bartley SC Duty Crew Training:

Independent of the courses provided by Rockley, Bartley assists with Duty Crew Training (PB2):

Bartley Sailing Club strives to raise safety levels for Club members and other authorised users of Bartley reservoir and the use of support boats is paramount to this.

As part our lease with Severn Trent, Bartley Sailing Club has committed to training coxswains to RYA Power Boat Level 2 - PB2. This is an ongoing program and we ask as many BSC members as possible to gain their quaification certificates. It is important to note that if members do not hold an RYA PB2 certificate they will still be required to do duties but may not be able to drive the support boats as a designated Support Boat Driver; other duties may include Officer of the Day, Assistant Officer of the Day or as Support Boat Crew.

BSC Members who have been fully paid up individual (non Group) members of Bartley SC for over 12 months may be able to offset part of the cost for PB2 courses. If you believe you are eligible, then you should confirm this with Dave Jones prior to booking.

If you are a Bartley SC member, contact Dave jones, advising if you are a member (together with date joined), along with a contact telephone number and email address so he can then look at getting you booked in.

Contact: Dave Jones