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£££ Propeller Damage


The club recently invested in new propellers for a number of the safety boats to replace damaged ones. Unfortunately 2 of these have been damaged during the first week of use. Please could all safety boat drivers take particular care when driving in the shallows, when launching and recovering, and ensure boats are securely on trailers before pulling them up the slipway.

If you do damage a propeller can you please note it on the whiteboard in the garage so that the Bosun can get it repaired. Unfortunately when a prop is damaged it can damage the drive shaft on the engine if used so we need to get them fixed as soon as damage occurs.

OODs - if any other groups use the boats whilst you are on duty please remind them to report any damage and let the Commodore / Rear Commodore know if you suspect damage has occured whilst the boats have been on loan by e-mailing  or .

For no obvious reason we have had a higher incidence of damage recently - please help by being careful and vigilant.

Thanks in advance

BSC Committee

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July Round Up

July has seen some beautiful summer weather and has been a great time to get out on the water and enjoy some food and drink apres-watersport at Bartley.

Tuesday evenings have continued to see large participant numbers with over 30 sailing some weeks. The informal coaching has continued to draw in our members who are newer to sailing to hone their skills in the warm summer evenings, and the SUP team continue to be the fastest growing group in the club bringing a great social atmosphere on and off the water. Wednesday afternoons remain popular with those who have flexible or non-existant working hours (very jealous), and K2O and the race series on Saturdays are keeping the water stacked full of boats and activity.

I guess that the weather had to break sometime with this weekend seeing some very strong winds which seemed to bring a large number of windsurfers out of hibination - great to see the boards whipping accross the water after what seems like a long period of absence - keep coming as the winds strengthen, I need the company!

Dave was also running the powerboat level 2 course on the Sunday in the rain to build our strength in this area. If you haven't yet booked on, please do as it is invaluable to the club and shares the load when rescue duty comes around. Thanks to those who signed up for this course and for sticking it out in the bad weather.

Further afield Bartley sailors have been competing and putting the club on the map regionally and nationally:


Bartley was very successful in the Supernova Nationals winning the team prize (now behind the bar for you to admire), 1st place (Sam Knight), 1st youth (Ed Hidson), 3rd Silver fleet (Garry Butterfield), 4th Master (Mike Gibson). Bartley also has 3 boats in the top 10 on the Open Circuit.


Harrison Allen represented Birmingham schools in the NSSA national regatta posting 4 top 10 positions with his best result a 4th in his laser 4.7. Well done Harrison - keep up the good work.

Merlin Rockets:

The Bartley SC flag flew over the Salcombe Merlin week with Chris Gould and Chris Kilsby taking 3rd place and Caroline Croft and Matt Lulham-Robinson 8th


Bob Suggitt (on loan from Barnt Green until it rains some more!) is currently 3rd in the Midland series with David Badger and Ian Capener in the top 11


3 Bartley boats travelled to Lee on Solent to get some practice in for the RS Games and the Bartley Open on September 9th. The Knights got into the top 10 despite leaving early!


John Ling pulled up into 9th place on the Midlands traveller circult one place ahead of me but with plenty more opens to close the gap to the top. I competed in the Masters nationals and finally made the jump from 2/3rds down the fleet to half way to get 30th out of 60 boats. Highest position was 14th teaching me that a good start and clear wind made all the difference - just need to learn how to do it again now!

In the News:

You may have seen Barnt Green SC mentioned on the BBC Midlands News recently to celebrate their 100th anniversay as a club - Congratulations from all at Bartley, we continue to enjoy having you as members until the water levels finally rise at Barnt Green again.

Please continue to keep me informed of achievements of note to include in the Blog on and I hope you continue to enjoy whatever activities you have planned on and off the water over the summer period.




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Supernova Success!!!

Congratulations to Sam Knight for winning the Supernova National Championships, to Ed Higson for winning the 1st Youth prize, and to Bartley Sailing Club for winning the Team Prize - fantastic results for Bartley sailors!

Full report on the Supernova Facebook page and in Yachts and Yachting.

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Its all happening...!

What a great month June has been; the sun has been shining, the wind has been blowing, and Bartley has had a full schedule:

The End of Series Regatta and working party was a great success and has improved the appearance of the club no end.

The Tuesday eveining sailing has grown from strength to strength with over 20 boats competing regularly.

Wednesday evening informal coaching has increased the participants confidence on the water as well as briefing them on different boat types in the dinghy park as possible next steps on their sailing journey. The programme was initially set for a one month trial and will now be continued through to the end of August due to its success.

K2O has a bumper year of new starters as well as progressing juniors from previous years through the RYA stages and some of the older members starting out on their Assistant Instructor qualification.

6 New members have joined us in June so if you see unfamiliar faces in the boat park please extend a warm welcome.

Bartley SUP continue their Wednesday Evening socials and full diary of paddle boarding, Rockley Watersports schedule is filling up over the holidays, and the Sea Scouts are out in force.

It is fantastic to see the water in use by so many different groups, and the social side taking off as folk enjoy a swift half in the sunshine after exploits on the water. Long may this continue.

So onto July - GOOD LUCK to all Bartley sailors taking part in the Supernova Nationals this weekend. We have high hopes individually and for a team prize so no pressure! Why not check the Supernova website and Facebook page to see how are team are getting on?

And finally, good luck to England in the Football on Saturday - those sailing may wish to negotiate race times around the coverage - I shall leave that up to you...!

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Safety Cover - Important

In light of a few incidents on Tuesday evenings regarding safety cover the Sailing Committee would like to ensure that all are clear on requirements of those volunteering to cover safety on Tuesdays and Wednesdays where arangements are made by the participants.

Firstly that safety boats must have 2 crew and be on the water ready to rescue water users in trouble.

Secondly that safety boat crew must remain alert and scan the water for water users in trouble and be positioned where they can monitor all on the water.

Thirdly that the OOD is responsible for ensuring there are sufficient crewed safety boats on the water to cover the risk and taking the decision to sail. The risk increases with wind speed, quantity of boats, quantity of novice / junior sailors.

The Sailing Committee are seeking advice from the RYA as to specific ratio guidelines and will communicate when this has been confirmed. In the mean time - if in doubt put another safety boat out. It is better to have more cover than insufficient cover.

A second safety boat means 2 more people won't be sailing, however safety always takes priority, especially in watersports so please support the OOD if he / she requests an additional boat and crew on the day.

Thanks for your help in keeping us all safe on the water

Sailing Committee



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Main Committee Update

The Main Committee met last night for their monthly meeting. The following were reviewed and appropriate action plans / lines of enquiry put in place:

1) Feedback from the AGM, acknowledgement of members views and the best way to tackle the issues raised.

2) Detailed review of Rockley contract and outstanding actions.

3) Review of financial situation and short term cost reduction and revenue increase opportunities to include sale of assets that are no longer used, practical, or required.

4) Review of medium term strategic options for the club to balance income and expenditure more successfully.

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Fleet Captains Lead the Way...

Bartley Fleet Captains John Ling (Laser) and Garry Butterfield (Supernova) are both leading the way for our club. John won the Hollowell Laser Open at the weekend to give him his second 1st place in the series lining him up nicely to defend his Midlands Traveller title this year. Gary pushed ahead with some strong performances recently in his Supernova to put him in the lead of the Noble Marine Supernova traveller series as the fleet prepare for the Nationals in a couple of weeks time.

Great to see Bartley Sailors on the top step of the podium!

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Wednesday Improvers

It was great to meet all the sailors taking advantage of the Wednesday evening coaching last night. I found the discussion as to how to integrate and meet the needs of our developing sailors very useful, thanks for providing your feedback.

I took away 2 points - firstly the desire to crew for an experienced helm to learn the boat dynamics one to one, and secondly a session on types of boat and the best way to progress from the training boats currently used. I will put this on the Sailing Committee agenda to get actioned.

I would be interested to hear any other requirements on the theme of what you want to get out of your sailing in the future - is it racing, cruising, social, RYA advanced levels, or Powerboat and Windsurf qualifications, or something else? If anything springs to mind let me know on and I will try to make it happen.

Thanks - and I hope you continue to enjoy the Wednesday evenings


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Work, Sail, Relax...

Thanks to all who participated in the working party, Regatta, and prize giving on Saturday.

Congratulations to our Spring series Winners:

Gary 'O' cup - Debbie Degge

Asterix Cup and Vic Lewis Cup - Mike Gibson

Langdale Cup - Paul Fowell

Junior Shield - Harrison Allen

Novice Shield - Huw Davies

And to John Ling for winning a very closely contested Regatta on the day!

Some Photos ...

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Series Prizes are ready and waiting...

The prizes await their winners! Don't forget the Regatta and Prize giving this Saturday. Below is just a sample of the prizes that will be awarded on the day.

The day aims to bring something new to the club with the 'End of Series Regatta' whilst also recommencing our legacy with the resurection of the club trophies for the Series winners.

From the Spring series onwards the following trophies will be awarded:

The Gary 'O' Trophy for Saturday Handicap 1

The Asterix Cup for the Saturday Pursuit

The Vic Lewis Cup for The Saturday Handicap 2

The Langdale Cup for The Sunday Fun Series

These trophies can be kept by the winners for 3 months before handing them on to the next series winner, or can be left at the club where we will find a suitable place to display them.

There is also a Junior shield and Novice Shield (and when I get around to it we shall introduce more trophies to recognise improvement, sportsmanship, endevour and the like from the Summer Series onwards) and plenty of consumables!

Hope to see you on Saturday.


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