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Notice from the Committee - Flag Officer Nominations

With the AGM fast approaching Bartley S.C. Committee would like to draw to the attention of members the following from the 'Rules of Association' should any member wish to put themselves forward for a position on the committee:

In accordance with rule 2.4.3 the Committee’s nominations for Flag Officers, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members shall be placed on the Club Notice from this Saturday (21 days prior to the AGM on the 16th March).

If a member wishes to fulfil a role on Main Committee, in whichever capacity, then you will need to send your nomination in writing (not email) to the Honorary Secretary with the signatures of the nominee, proposer and seconder, and must be received by the Secretary no later than 7 days prior to the AGM.

Such nominations shall then be added to the notice board. 

In case of query please contact Guy Mason,


Main Committee

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Blustery Bartley Bear - The Final Sprint of the year!

19 boats turned out for the final Bartley Bear Sprints in perfect force 4 to 5 conditions that challenged fitness as much as tactics. With each race lasting just a single 8 minute lap the beat was as critical to securing a place as downwind control was critical to keeping it!

With the wind strength so high the 4.7s and Radial were really in the mix with the second race recording first to last place in less than a minute for the entire fleet. This was great practice for the 4 Youth / Junior sailors who put in a masterclass of high wind sailing with a massive grin factor.

At the front of the fleet the competition was fierce with mistakes penalised heavily by the chasing pack. Simon took the first 2 races, then Ed Higson found his form to push through with dad Jeremy and Robin Pitt hot on his heels. Visitor James Dalby was right up there but got caught out by the black flag and a knock down in a squally gust to drop his overall score. In the 4.7s Harrison, Megan and Josh traded places in the morning session, but it was Harrison who pulled ahead as a clear winner when the wind built further in the afternoon. 

A fantastic lunch at the Galley set the sailors up for the final 5 races. Ed Higson traded places with Sam Knight who made us all eat humble pie as he zipped around the course with a flat boat carrying half the weight of most of us - how does he do it? As the sailors tired the race course became a graveyard of pirouetting Lasers with masts slamming to windward as the gusts caught those napping on the run.

At the end of the day the body was weary, the clothes were drenched, the grins were big, and the tea and cake was just what we all needed!

Massive thanks to Jeremy for organising the 4 events this winter and providing the Imperial Mounts so we can film where we are going wrong! Thanks also to all those who have supported the sprints and made them such a success.

Overall Winner                         Simon Hardiman

Most 'first to windward mark'    Ed Higson

First 4.7                                    Harrison Allen

The winning trophy

Ed gets a prize for winning the race to the windward mark on the most occasions

Megan and Josh get their 4.7 prizes whilst Harrison dashes off to a party!


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Wanted: 300m of chain - can anyone help?

With the success of the sprint racing next on the agenda is slalom racing, but before we can get this exciting format up and running we need about 300m of chain to attach Bouys to. Needs to be metal and plated so it doesn't rust - can come in different lengths and sizes as we can shackle them together, plus we must be able to carry it in the rescue boat so nothing that would anchor a cruise ship!

Any donations greatfully received. Just bring along and leave neatly by the clubhouse side wall facing the storage container and we will do the rest.

Thanks in advance to any members who can help out.

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Reminder - the last Bartley Bear Sprints of the Winter this Sunday!


3 Different winners, 3 very different days of racing so far. The grand finale is this Sunday with a great forecast.

So book your Imperial Mount with Jeremy Higson, turn up for the 10.30 briefing, then get that laser (or similar single hander) out there to flex those start line muscles.

Free to club members, £5 to visitors. Look forward to seeing you at the weekend.

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Change to Bartley SC Sailing Instructions - Protests


'You don't need rules until you need rules'. If everyone follows the Racing Rules of Sailing with the same interpretation then you don't need rules, however there are different interpretations, different opinions (we see things how we are not how they are), and grey areas. The ability to protest when you consider a rule has been infringed is the right of every sailor, as is the ability to immediately exonerate by taking the penalty associated. At Bartley we are keen to ensure club racing is fair as well as educational and actively encourage protests where a perceived infringement has occurred. To make this process easier to administer the sailing instructions have been updated based on member feedback.

The Sailing instructions (SI) have been updated to allow more time to lodge a protest, to reinforce the responsibility of the protestor to inform the protestee of their intent to protest, and the arbitration step added to the process to create an environment of learning for all. Updates are as follows:


15.1 Protests must be made on the appropriate form obtainable from the Race Officer and must be handed to the Race Officer within 40 minutes of the time the last boat finishes the relevant race. This changes RRS rule 61.3

15.2 Protests will be conducted with the additional step of arbitration following the arbitration process outlined in Appendix T of the RRS.

15.3 It is the responsibility of the protestor to inform the protestee of their intent to protest at the earliest reasonable opportunity after the protestee has finished the race (i.e. as soon as both parties have returned to shore). All parties involved in the protest are expected to remain on site until the Officer of the Day (Race Officer) has confirmed they are free to depart. Where possible the arbitration should take place at the end of the days racing in an open forum in the club house. This is to ensure facts are not forgotten and to provide a learning experience to others in the club on rules and how they are applied.  This requirement is additive to section 61.1 of the RRS.

A link to a full copy of the club SI can be found on the 'Racing' tab

Happy and fair sailing

Sailing Committee

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Bartley K2O Juniors in RYA OnBoard article

Ben, Shay, Theo and Cecily have all received a mention in a recent RYA article highlighting their experiences at the RYA Championships in Autumn 2018. This is great for the Juniors and great for the club - hope you enjoy the read:


(note if you are having trouble with the link then cut and paste to your browser or go to the www.rya.org website, click on the 'news & events' tab, then 'latest RYA News Stories' and finally 'Use the OnBoard Fun Fleet to Inspire Sailors This Season' posted on 25th Jan)

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Sam Knight and Chris Bownes win the Steve Nicholson Trophy 2019

Sam and Chris extend their lead

Congratualtions Sam and Chris for a fantastic win over a fleet of 35 double handers contesting the Steve Nicholson Trophy at Northampton SC. 

Steve Ward and Mark Rolfe achieved a creditable 20th in the challenging conditions. Mark says he has a new respect for GP14s given how exhausted he was at the end of the day!

Steve and Mark bear away




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2019 RYA Powerboat level 2 and RYA Safety Boat Courses

Fantastic offer for all club members - RYA Powerboat level 2 and RYA Safety Boat courses at a MUCH reduced price. If you don't already have this qualification BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW!!!!

Powerboat Training 2019

It is essential that we have as many members as possible who have the skill and experience to drive the club rescue boats safely.

It is a requirement placed on us that all safety boat drivers have L2 powerboat qualification. We are proving this training "in house", so that members can gain this qualification without the cost of a commercial course, or attending another centre.

The course costs just £30 to members (usual cost using an external provider is about £200) to cover club costs and is run over two days.

To book your space, please contact Dave Jones via or phone:  07887406585

Dates for 2019 training are as follows:

March   9 & 10      L2 PB

Apr        6 & 28      Safety Boat training (must hold L2PB for more than 1 year)

June      9 & 16     L2 PB

Sept      22 & 29    L2 PB

Nov       3 & 10      L2 PB

Dec        7 & 8       L2 PB


Dave Jones

Land: 01216025328

Mob:  07887406585

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Gala Evening Played its Cards right!

Thanks to all who supported the fantastic gala night on Friday and to John, Jennifer, Marie, and all at Tilly's Galley for organising it.

Everyone who attended had a great time with a very close game of 'Play your Cards right', the 'Bosuns Challenge' and a raffle with some top prizes.

Here are just a few of the many photos of the evening:

The tragic victims of the Bosuns Challenge - Dan really is hard as nails!

Brucie makes a guest appearance (somehow!)

Good friends and Sailors

The K2O crew play their cards right

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Ollie Ridgeway is the third Bartley Bear Sprints Winner!

Cogratulations to Ollie for winning the 3rd Bartley Bear Sprints in challenging conditions and taking the trophy from the clutches of Richard Baker. 

Well done too to Harrison Allen for winning the 4.7 class for the 3rd time showing his dominance yet again.

Thanks to Jeremy Higson for arranging the day, to Sam Knight for the coaching tips and John Ling for being race officer.

The next Bartley Bear Sprint is on the 17th February - who can challenge Ollie for the trophy? Who can knock Harrison off the top spot in the 4.7s? Make sure you come along as it could be you...

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