To use Ollie's favourite phrase on Saturday it was 'blowing dogs off leads'. So what did the Bartley sailors do? Go sailing of course!

The Junior k2O team continued their travelling success at the Notts County S.C. RYA Midland Junior Regatta series. Harrison and Megan were in their in Laser 4.7s and Cecily in her Topper. I actually thought we may have been better off sailing the boats up the M42 on the way to the event with the amount of surface water on the motorway but thankfully we all arrived safely.

After the briefing the sailors launched boats in the wind shaddow of the club house and the watching parents were treated to an exciting game of 'will they or won't they capsize' as they got 100m out to where the force 6 to 7 gusts where whipping through. A few of the youngsters were quickly back on shore after multiple dunkings but the Bartley crew stuck out the full 5 races.

The race standings were pretty consistent throughout the day with Harrison taking 5 wins and showing just how good his strong wind boat handling is. Megan followed up with 5 second places catching up as the wind dropped slightly then falling back as it built again but always in contention to keep Harrison on his toes! Cecily had a fantastic time with a Topper dominated fleet so lots of competition for her. Again, consistency was the name of the game and she came home in 6th place overall with a spot prize for survival!

As always with the travelling team there was alot of banter and fun throughout the day and complements from the host club on good behaviour and sailing ability. Thanks to Notts County for hosting the event we all really enjoyed it. Full report in Yachts and Yachting.

Good friends - wet, weary, and happy!

Racing to the Windward mark

She's behind you...

Some of the Laser fleet travelled to Burton (John and Ollie) and some to Chew Valley (Jeremy and Robin). At both events it seemed like the memo had not been received that 25Knts of wind = radial rig. At Burton John managed a 3rd and Ollie a 9th, both getting overhauled by radials, and at Chew Jeremy got first to the windward mark and then got bown off and into the water leading to retirement before either he or the boat broke. Robin had more success but came in early due to conditions too so will have to wait until the results are posted before we know how he faired!

Ollie holds on for dear life

...and so does John...

I understand from Facebook that the Supenovas had a cracking sail at Bartley on Saturday too in the challenging conditions - great to hear!

Today has been an all together quieter affair. It was nice to see the SUP club out this morning, a few cruising members taking family and friends out for a relaxed sail in the sunshine, and the Powerboat level 2 course in full swing, not to mention the Sunday fun race series underway. Sunday really is 'up for grabs' so if you have any desire to start up a Sunday club of some kind to get more folk on the water and enjoying themselves I would love to hear from you. (familly, novice, crusing, canoeing, lady's sailing, anything?!). Drop me a mail at