Following developments in government advice, the stance on boating recommended by the RYA, and the movement of the West Midlands to Tier 4, the committee have updated the conditions of opening of Bartley SC for recreational watersports on the following basis:

Aim: To enable those who wish to participate in exercise to do so through recreational watersports at a safe social distance within the government and RYA guidelines.

Summary: Recreational sailing will commence, there will be no racing provision or schedule. Those wishing to participate in sailing will also be expected to take a turn on rescue cover. Government guidelines on social distancing are expected to be adhered to at all times. The club member accepts the risks and accepts their responsibility to follow hygiene protocols and distancing rules for the safety of themselves, other water users, and the rights of the club and its directors.

Conditions of participation:


a.Any Bartley SC member who launches a craft must be confident in their ability to handle the prevailing conditions. This means (but is not limited to) that they should not expect to require any form of external rescue during their exercise time


a.The club gates will be open giving access to the car park.

b.The clubhouse will open for use of toilets and Galley takeaway service only.

c.There is no access to showers or changing facilities. Water users are expected to arrive / depart changed or to change in the carpark. The toilet facility is not to be used as a changing room.

d.It is the member's responsibility to ensure adequate hand washing / hygiene after they have touched surfaces that others may have come into contact with

e.Those attending must ensure that the club is secure during and after use. If there is any issue setting the alarm or locking up please use the 'BSC Sailing Info' WhatsApp group to request assistance.

3.Rescue cover

a.There will be 1 rescue craft on the water (Orange Jaffa preferred) and one on standby for launch at all times that recreational sailing is taking place.

b.The orange Jaffas have been marked out for social distancing. When 2 people from a different household are in the rescue boat they must observe the social distancing and sit at opposite ends of the craft (if they are from the same household this doesn't apply)

c.Rescue crews are expected to remain ashore at social distance until such a time that they are needed.

d.The requirement for any craft to assist another that is in difficulty is emphasised i.e. a sailing boat can assist another that is in trouble

e.In a situation where the boat in difficulty is in such a position where there is threat to life (entrapment, heart attack etc.) then the rescue crew shall remove the person in difficulty from the water as priority and ensure suitable first aid / emergency services are called.

f.By attending the club for sailing on one or more occasions a member accepts that they will conduct rescue duty on the above basis. Those who do not attend are not expected to carry out a duty or come to the club.

g.Rescue duty will be organised by the participants using 'BSC Sailing Info' WhatsApp group and will not be administered by dutyman. Only those who wish to participate need conduct a rescue duty.

h.An OOD will be nominated by the participants for each sailing session. Their decision is final on all matters.

i.The rescue crew shall consist of an OOD and 1 other for the duration of the session. The OOD must remain consistent throughout the session. The 1 other may be rotated throughout the session.

4.Recreational sessions:

a.The SUP club will follow their specific guidelines for access to, and safety on the water

b.All attendees are required to sign on at the OOD hut so their info can be stored for 21 days for track and trace.

c.There will be no race programme. Sessions are for exercise and wellbeing.

d.Members who wish to participate in recreational sailing will need access to the 'BSC Sailing Info' Whatsapp group, or buddy with someone who does who can relay communication. The Whatsapp group shall be used to confirm the OOD and rescue member prior to the session starting. The OOD shall determine whether to finish a session early or start late if Whatsapp communication indicates participant numbers are low or there is low uptake on the day.

e.Those wishing to participate need to send their name and mobile number to so they can be added to the Whatsapp group and the club can keep track of who is active should it be required for track and trace.

f.The OOD may chose to limit the number of people on the water during sessions in line with the prevailing conditions. Their decision is final.

g.The club will be open and sailing may take place between the following hours;

i.Wednesdays – 13.30pm to 16.30pm

ii.Saturdays – 10am to 3pm

iii.Sundays – 10am to 3pm

h.Organised activity for under 18s may still continue in line with government and RYA guidelines.


a.If you have symptoms or belong to a high-risk group, please stay at home

b.If you have had the virus, please stay away from the club for at least 2 weeks after the symptoms have gone

c.If you contract the virus and have sailed at the club in the week prior, please let the club directors know as a matter of urgency.

The situation will continue to be reviewed and adjusted as guidance changes. Club members accept and are bound by the conditions above by entering the club premises. Any club member not adhering to the conditions shall be reported to the committee as a matter of urgency.

We hope that all of our members enjoy their watersports at Bartley SC.