Well... they were greeted by this shore break which mean't the first day of racing became a tournament at the crazy glof course in the sunshine instead.

Saturday and Sunday were a whole different ball game though with a full programme of racing to keep the 100+ fleet busy. Hopefully you had a peep on the website to see the GPS boat tracking - the Laser fleet did so we could give our honorary Supernova Sailor Jeremy Higson a bit of support in these strange boats with things called shrouds and mast rake controls.

So how did the Bartley fleet get on? The answer is FANTASTICALLY showing just what a strong fleet we have at the club.

Sam Knight came in 4th followed by Chris Bownes in his first Nationals in the Supernova in 7th (and I think he won the last race). Reliable Mike Gibson showed he wasn't letting up in 11th followed by Steve Hawley in 16th. Jeremy Higson felt the support from his on-line Laser backing team to get 18th just ahead of Garry Butterfield and Chris Hawley in 19th and 20th, with Phil Taylor in 33rd. 

I am sure they will all have tales to tell when they get back to the club house. I have booked the open top bus for a lap of the carpark :) Well done all!