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How to watch the VR Racing.

If you are not up to racing yourself then you can watch the fun on VR Inshore. The steps are listed above. The only tricky bit is finding the race you want when there are lots of custom ones taking place. The bartley races will always be x/20 where x is the number of people that joined.

There are 3 races each session so you need to select the custom race you want to watch each time. Race 1 opens 5 mins before the start time in the calendar. Then the subsequent ones are roughly 10 mins after the previous one (I usually wait until I have the same number of competitors as the previous race logged on).

So if you are not rigged in time for the 11.00 today then why not log on and watch? 

A Picture a Day..
A Picture a Day...


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Tuesday, 02 June 2020

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