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As the Nation Backs Sir Ben Ainslie in the Prada Cup, Bartley SC Backs Richard 'Bakerboy' Baker in the eSailing Winter Championships

There are so many similarities between our very own Richerd Baker and Sir Ben; they have both sailed lasers, you wouldn't want to make either of them angry, they sail with the aggression of a piranha in a bowl of goldfish, and they even look alike in a certain light (i.e. a very dim light). Even their competition budgets contain the same numbers; £120m for Sir Ben and £1.20 for daily broadband for Richard. As Sir Ben gets himself into shape for the February final of the Prada cup Richard is conducting daily thumb flexes for the RYA eSailing Winter Club Championships. 

Just as the Prada cup enables access to the Americas cup, the eSailing regional races enable access to the National championships and who knows, maybe even a knighthood for the esteemed winner - imagine the glory 'Sir Bakerboy'

So what are his chances? We will have to wait and see. Will he sandbag like Sir Ben and shoot to the front when least expected or will he come straight out of the gate in the lead? Only time will tell...

One thing is for sure though he needs to be challenged in the practice races so we need as many people joining the club esailing on Wednesday evening, Saturday and Sunday mornings to help him tune his tactics - we are relying on you Bartley eSailors to help our man lift the Can!

Richard bagged his place in the competition by winning our club series in 2020 coming 1st out of 37 helms - we know he is good, now we will see just how good...

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Saturday, 27 February 2021

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