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Informal Coaching Team Graduation

Those who have taken up the opportunity of coaching run by Steve Ward and David and Ed Badger have progressed their skills and built new friendships over the summer. There are plans afoot to continue into the Autumn and to run a novice 'Champion of Champions' shield race at the end of series regatta in September so watch this space. In the mean time the participants were awarded 'mugs of achievement' to mark their progression over the Wednesdays. Thanks again to the coaches and to all participants for making this such a success.

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Windsurfing for Life - Star letter

Congratulations to Bartley windsurfer Claire Simpson for winning the Star Letter prize this month in the RYA Members Magazine. Whilst giving a hint as to her age Claire also got Bartley 2 mentions in the magazine, and won a Standard Horizon VHF radio (does that mean we can talk to you while you windsurf or will you be listening to the radio function instead?). Great to know you will continue 'pottering on your board' for as long as you are able, well done for winning the prize, and sincere thanks for positively marketing windsurfing at Bartley.

***The RYA Members Magazine is a publication from the RYA for their membership and includes may fascinating articles. To find out how to become a member of the RYA visit www.rya.org ***

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Tuesday evening galley special !!!

Tuesday evening food available! Please pre order before sailing.

Chicken fillet burger with salad and chips 

Jacket pot with cheese an beans

Many thanks Dee 

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Bartley RS 400s: 37 mins from pub to start line...


For those who weren't aware the RS Games have been taking place all summer in Weymouth with different weeks for different classes. This week is all about the RS 400s. Bartley has 3 boats entered with Sam and John Knight currently up there with the best in 6th place after 2 days of racing. The report from day 2 does show just what an impressive Commodore and Treasurer we have at the club though with a special mention of their Le Mans start from the pub... RS 400 day 2 report . Best of luck to the Bartley sailors for the rest of the competition we hope the wind and tide work in your favour!

(if you can't get the link to work try www.rs400.org and follow the link to the RS Games).


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Members and the "Blog"

Hi All,

I have greatly enjoyed reading of our sailing successes, messages from the Commodore , Sailing Secretary and galley but wonder how many of our members actually are subscribed to the "Blog". Those who aren,t are missing out big time.

May I make 3 suggestions. First ask your sailing "buddies", fellow competitors, boat park neighbours and crews(if applicable) if they have subscribed to the "Blog". If not encourage them to join and try and explain how to do so if puzzled(see John Lings blog on how to join). Third, presumptiously, I wonder whether those with access to the "Dutyman" message facility (ie. the Officers) could consider sending out an appeal to all members to join the website and the "Blog" so to more feel part of the Club community. Moreover such an appeal could be incorporated, with instructions, in the "welcome pack" given to new members.

Let's grow the Club Spirit!


Alan (Supernova 1096)


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Streaker Silver Success

Our consistently top placed club sailor Debbie Degge went to the Streaker Nationals older, lighter, but not wiser (her words not mine!) having previously finished second overall, she found capsizing was a rather slow tactic and ended up in the Silver Fleet as a result. However all was not lost as she posted better positions race on race to secure 1st place in the Silver fleet. Great result Debbie and we look forward to buying you a celebratory drink in the bar or galley.

P.S. I love the categories of age that the Streakers use; 'over' 'well over' 'past it' and 'well past it' - regardless of age I know what I would be categorised as!

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RS Aero-batics

Bartley sailors on-tour continued with a blustery Aero Worlds attended by Debbie Deggie and Mark Rolfe flying off the waves at Weymouth in their RS Aero 5 and 7 respectively, and Robin Pilcher attended the Nationals spreading the Bartley name in this rapidly expanding and exciting class.

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Tuesday evening sailing

Hi all,

Tonight we have fish and chips !!

Please pre order before going on the water many thanks Dee x

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Home made soup with crusty bread tomorrow everyone x

Leak and potatoe soup on sale tomorrow from the kitchen x

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Dakota, Say-Ling and Mog... 3 men and a Moth !

Guess who is who! 3 likely lads from Bartley performing rather well at the British Moth Nationals at Chelmarsh - currently 4th, 8th, and 12th - come on Bartley!!! (someone needs to tell John he needs a Moth T-shirt - loving that banner though, is it going to join the team travelling to the RS400 Nationals next week?)

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