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Posted by on in Laser
Bartley sailors dominate out on the open circuit

Bartley sailors dominate out on the open circuit

Last weekend saw the RS400 team go to Queen Mary for the Winter Championships, to battle it out against a 25 strong fleet turnout. Celebrations continuing long into the late hours of Saturday night after Caroline’s 2nd place in race 3 and with Howard & Richard keeping pace in the middle of the fleet. Day two saw the competition getting to grips with the testing conditions and our team having to pull out all they could muster. But being OCS on the last race has brought home the realisation for Jason that his job of managing Caroline must continue on and OFF the water next time the zambuca’s are out!!! It was tough competition but our team did well and enjoyed the event.

The Laser team of Jeremy Robin and John ventured to Bowmoor SC for the first of the Wessex Regional Grand Prix’s. With 37 boats all keen to dust of their winter blues it was runnerup Champion last year Tim Keighley with his new boat that was powerful of the line but Robin Pitt with all his winter training was having none of it and battled to the first buoy rounding in 4th. With Ling struggling to find clear air and when finally reaching the dizzy heights of the leader board was forced to do a doggy 720 resulting in falling back to third. Jeremy came in for lunch wondering why boats seemed to just keep passing him by, only to fine he was carrying half the lake with him. It seems running a-ground at BSC had damaged his hull which was not noticed till it was too late. Whilst Ling started race two in a commanding position, again a 720 caused him to drop to second leaving the event wide open and all on the last race with three positional winners.

Robin’s start in race 3 was again strong and put him up with the top 5 boats, along with Jeremy but unfortunately soon found his boat sluggish on the runs. Ling was away from the line like a bullet leading the pack home and as Robin said at the prize giving speech “you go fast when you don’t get in everyone’s way”

Bartley Sailing club can be proud that it’s represented out on the open circuit in such a strong way by some great sailors.

Lots more reports to follow from the National circuit with Ed Higson triumphant in 2nd in the Radial qualifiers just behind Olympiad Alison Young.

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ITS arrived TUESDAY NIGHT RACING Lasers  Week three results

Hi Please see attached up to week three Laser results


Yet another Tuesday comes and goes, and what a belter it was, great breeze and not too cold. Once again we managed to field a fleet of all rigs and abilities. Our 2 radials coping well with the conditions, being split by John, closely followed by Howard who seemed to be missing someone else in the boat to talk to….. apart from the fish at one point! Jeremy and Michael seemed to be tethered together for most of the race with 2 seconds to separate them at the finish, Robin couldn’t make ground on John and failed to put distance between him and Michael and Jeremy not matter how hard he tried (and he did try hard!), John as usual, was the noisiest on the water, and was lucky not to find himself in the protest room, and that only leaves our potential Olympian, Ed. He set off in front and showed no intention of letting anyone get close to him. Obviously his Dad is continuing to coach him well! A fautless performance.


Thanks to our duty crew, Brad and Richard. I bet Richard spent all duty thinking that the conditions would have been perfect for him!


See you all on the weekend for the biggest Laser extravaganza to ever visit BSC.




Robin Pitt

Laser 200920

Any other volunteers wanting to wright a report please?

See you sat

Kind regards


Bartley Sailing Club Lasers

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Tue Lasers ....ITs all over bar the shouting and clams of un fair handicaps etc

Final results posted


Can you believe it 20 weeks have past and what a great season we have had... so many tails to tell. From Jeremy dominating at the start of the season,  our Commodore Mike joining in and showing us his skills (plus spectacular capsizes) to the quiet and deadly Mike Acaster who just plug away at the top each week and calmly moved up the leader board, whilst Richard was training hard to master his roll tacks.

BUT IN THE END THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE---------- 2014 BSC Laser personal handicap Champion is Mike Acaster congratulations

I have attached the Full Sailwave file attached and it should be available soon on the BSC web site.

As you can see below the Top of the leader board is divided by only a few points !!!.

Taking race 20 results into consideration Richard Baker and Michael Parker both sailed so well and consistently improved over the whole season, but I know that in the last race the wind dropped and Mike managed to get away leaving the battle at buoy 0... and well that was it....

Last year’s winner Giles was also so close with only one point in it between him and Simon, Giles nearly took glory again with his amazing start on the last race but unfortunately headed out to a patch of dead wind and it was all over!!! A real shame..

Robin Pitt had moments of glory with 5 top places but throughout the season also had some which he would rather me not mention... but it does show he’s got it...Jeremy was clearly in the driving seat but after his back injury had to slow down and all he could do was smile and wave!!! Our “SuperBoy” Mike found that we “Laser guys” make it look easy!! But it’s not... in the end he had a credible season and finish 3rd overall in the scratch with only 1.5 off Simon.

Gary Allcock finally had to smile as he not only finished 10th with 4 top positions he also managed to beat Robin in the last race!!!

John Ellis Rose was not far behind with a few great results and some that needed a digit removing!! he did manage to win in Race 16 though the week of buying us all a drink!!!! (did he?)

Emma Hancox in her 4.7 sailed really well but with the lighter airs not being kind, it was a case of not doing enough races to have the vital discard... anyhow she takes the first lady position...

Jim did a similar thing by just missing out, do to his discards but was getting stronger all season.

Ed Higson, what can we say... young blood that has great skill..... was in poll but needed to do more races... he has so much glassware anyhow!!! And more to come I’m sure!

Alastair also missed out do to discards but was very consistent when he came. Ian the dark horse... god knows how good he would be if he upgraded his laser!!!

Tony Cliff had a season of uphill improvement starting at the back end and ending with him never giving up and in the top slots of results. So as he practices over the winter he will be a force to be reckoned with next season chaps.

Debbie was our 2nd placed Lady but missed out do to discards, real shame as she came 1st 2nd and 3rd in the scratch races!!!

Brad won our youth “pain in the **** prize”!! seriously he has improved and with two 1st, 3rd and 6th which is a brilliant result. Just need to sail a Laser more often mate!!!

On to our 3rd place lady Katie who joined us for 6 sessions and had impressive results, as did Ann 4th place lady who really push Emma at the start of the series but because of change of job could not make Tuesdays.

Other sailors Tom Clarke, Steve Thomas, Nigel Hudson, Chris Thomas, Andrew Gill, Neil Boneham, and Dan Richardson all who joined in seemed to enjoy themselves.



Please make sure you are there I have a number of prizes to award


Remember that evening 9th September is also our Bottle race where we hope you will all invite your partners along and come and have a great evening racing and Curry and Beer at the club

As always any issues please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to amend.

Kind regards


Ravens Crest

Impney park

Droitwich Spa



Mob 079 200200 36

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Wk 19 Lasers - Tues evening Race results updated  CLOSE AT THE TOP

Results file updated and is posted online and attached as PDF file


IT’S SO CLOSE AT THE TOP of the personal handicaps

Well this is going to be a cruncher of a last race on Tues 2nd September... with Mike Acaster just ahead of Richard and Michael it’s all down to the last race...

In fact it does work out that as the final discard comes into play with 10 Races counting that we have 8 sailors fighting for the top winning positions

Mike 36 , Richard, 37,Michael 38, John 40,Simon 43, Giles 44,Robin 53, Jeremy 55.

Regarding the scratch series I have also attached the results which again shows results being so close at the TOP....

With lots of goodies to present at the Prize giving evening on the 9th Its all to play for!!!!

Remember 9th September our Bottle race and Final Prize Givingwhere we hope you will all invite your partners along and come and have a great evening racing and Curry and Beer at the club

As always any issues please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to amend but only for a large fee!!!!

As we are now using Sailwave (through the great help from Mark and Colin) which is a free software available to anyone, it has been suggested that the club make a donation to the guy that set this up. I fully support this and wondered how the Laser fleet felt if we contributed something to this from our prize fund monies? Please let me have your thoughts.

Kind regards


Ravens Crest

Impney park

Droitwich Spa



Mob 079 200200 36

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Week 18 Laser sailors - Tues evening Race results updated

As you can see below we have sailed 18 races meaning only two left and the Top of the leader board is divided by only a few points !!!.

Taking last night’s results into consideration Michael Parker is now on top with Richard just behind by two points leaving the next three by only another 4points

So there’s lots to fight for in the closing stages. Just so it’s clear the table on the right is your personal PYN and also in times (add 20 points for each minute onto our 1074)

I do hope you have all enjoyed the racing it been so much fun so far.

So the onto the last few weeks. 

Remember 9th September our Bottle race and Final Prize Givingwhere we hope you will all invite your partners along and come and have a great evening racing and Curry and Beer at the club

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