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Links to weather sites: Met Office / XCWeather / Windguru /

To View the Club's CCTV Cameras Follow these instructions:

You MUST use Microsoft Internet Explorer to view the cameras

1. Click the link below:

Link to CCTV

2. You should get a prompt to install an activex control. Accept and install it.

3. Login using "USER_1" with Password: "sailing".

If you are using IE11 or later you will need to add the CCTV page to the compatability settings.

1. Click on "Tools" from the IE Menu in the top left of your screen.

2. Click on "Compatability View settings"

3. Click the "Add" button. This should have added the IP address to the large window below making the CCTV page compatable with your version of IE11+.


Live Weather data:

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